Kick off at 9 am

Presentation of OpenAIRE

André Dazy - 15 min. + 5 min. question

Presentation here

OpenAIRE Nexus and its services - 9:20

Paolo Manghi - 30 min. + 5 min. question

Presentation here

EOSC and its links with OpenAIRE - 9:55

Paolo Manghi - 15 min. + 5 min. question

Presentation here

Coffee break de 15 min. - 10:15

Selected services in detail

For each service : présentation (10 min.) + case study (15 min.) + questions (5 min.)

  • Amnesia - Manolis Terrovitis, Antonio Filograna - 10h30

    Amnesia is an GDPR compliant anonymisation service for sensitive research data, ready to be integrated into the research workflow, removing barriers to dissemination and facilitating FAIR data.

  • Argos - Elli Papadopoulou - 11h

    Presentation here

    Argos is a service that allows the creation of automated data management plans, guiding researchers towards the FAIR principles and configurable according to the research discipline.

    Coffee break 15 min.

  • Community dashboard - Alessia Bardi, Arnaud Gingold - 11h45

    Presentation here

    GOTRIPLE on OPenAIRE connect, Arnaud Gingold. Presentation here.

    Community dashboards are customised dashboards serving domain-specific or regional research communities, with open science practices built in from the start.


End 1 pm

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